Asset Management

Better understand your estate

What is Asset Management?

Do you know exactly what devices you have deployed and whether they are under support, end of sale, end of life, up to date, or vulnerable to published advisories?

Many organisations lack the resource to maintain important information about their networks, support decentralised IT resources, or operate in multiple remote locations where network changes occur but are not tracked.

Intrinsic can give you a snapshot or provide an ongoing service to enable you to understand the hardware and software status of your network devices, the future-readiness of your network infrastructure and whether or not it will support your business and technology strategy.

As a Cisco Gold Partner, we can work with you to deliver a full Asset Management service to help you understand all of the Cisco devices in your estate, allowing you to pinpoint and defuse security risks, manage compliance and ensure your IT budget matches your business needs.

Who is the Asset Management service designed for?

This service is designed for all our customers who want to better understand their estate.

The reports generated by this service list details such as:

  • Status against lifecycle status, e.g. end of software support, end of sale. This report also lists future dates allowing you to work to budgets for IT equipment spend.
  • PSIRT and vulnerability reports to help you understand the risks and vulnerabilities in your estate to ensure they are secure.
IOS patches and updates, to ensure you are aware of any updates that may resolve bugs, or increase stability in their devices and its software.

What does the Asset Management service offer?
Intrinsic will deploy a Smart Collector to your estate (please see separate Pre Requisites document). This software will then collect data, from connected devices to produce the data required for the production of the report. We will then load the results of the report into the InTouch portal for you to review and also download.

"The Network Resilience Analysis work undertaken with the support of Intrinsic delivered a “deep dive” into the Co-operative network, allowing us to understand the lifecycle management and risk position across a large estate. This allowed the Co-operative to budget for immediate mitigating activity as well as commencing the journey of continual lifecycle refresh policy, protecting our business partners and ultimately our customer"

Phil Bullough
Data Networks Team Leader

Benefits of the Asset Management service

Optimise the infrastructure
Understanding what equipment you have deployed and how it is employed can allow you to get the best return on your investment. When taken in addition to our monitoring service which reports on capacity, you can then intelligently control and plan your network to maximise its potential.

Avoid technology obsolescence
Improves understanding of where elements of the network are risking business critical services - too many organisations find obsolete equipment or software an inhibitor to evolve which places risks on business operations, support issues and SLAs.

Business Case
Keeping your network relevant for your business needs is a difficult task and requesting budget for replacing hardware can be difficult. The asset management software allows you to quickly and easily articulate to the business the need for spend on hardware and what risks can be removed and benefits received.

More Benefits of the Asset Management service

Risk reduction
The asset management service reduces the risks within your network by advising you either as a one-off or an ongoing basis as to the vulnerabilities within your estate. Further to this, understanding the risks of end of life equipment can ensure that you are positioned to support your business needs in the future.

Cash flow management and predictability
Having advance notification of the end of life for devices can allow you to plan your budget requirements for equipment, ensuring that risks are minimised and you can deliver the uptime your business needs.

Effective use of working capital
Visibility of the infrastructure and its pressure points can be used to build a prioritised set of objectives where capital can be allocated, whilst having a transparent view of the timeline of all network components and their relevance.