Availability Management

Get the highest possible ROI from your estate

What is Availability Management?

Availability Management is a service Intrinsic offers to customers who require that their estate is stable and maintains the optimum uptime possible.

Availability Management allows a pro-active approach to estate management and enables a mature approach to problem management to ensure your estate delivers the highest possible return on investment.

Who is this designed for?
Customers who want to deliver the highest estate uptime to their users and enable a proactive approach to estate management. Also, customers who want to be able to report on the availability of their devices.

What does the service actually offer?
This service offers detailed reports based on the uptime of your devices. It highlights devices that have had a fault or downtime affect them during the reporting period and allows you to understand what devices are experiencing issues, and what is causing you the most pain. The reports highlight all devices where 100% uptime was not achieved and allows for trending and problem management to occur to identify and treat the root cause of service-affecting issues.


  • Enables the IT Team to provide the business with a meaningful
  • Operational Level Agreement (OLA)
  • Understand how to increase availability by providing a benchmark
  • Use Problem Management data to replace recurring failures
  • Use historical data to create a meaningful business case for upgrades

What other services might be of benefit?

You may also wish to consider using our People as a Service. This allows you to pre-pay (and benefit from a discount) for our Professional Services. These Professional Services could include the installation of monitoring and availability fixes, relevant patches and core software upgrades. You should think about adding unsupported devices to a Support or Support Plus contract.

What are the dependencies?
A Monitoring service to allow trending reports to be created