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Everyone's a Winner with Stadium WiFi

Posted by: Claire Fleming on 13 June 2017

Everyone's a Winner with Stadium WiFi

Sports stadiums need to provide reliable connectivity to enhance experience. But it's not just your fans who will benefit from the high density wireless revolution.

It will also multiply your revenue opportunities, provide operational benefits to the whole organisation and allow you to better understand your crowd.

Revenue generating opportunities

Stadium Wifi allows you to:
  • Offer innovative advertising and sponsorship opportunities
  • Push targeted promotions and advertisements to your crowd
  • Provide venue-based services e.g. way-finding, concierge services, directions to food and drink or other retail outlets within your facility…etc.
  • Boost ticket sales by offering real-time concessions ticket-ordering applications

Operational benefits

The operational benefits are numerous and include:
  • Single solution for all needs – employees, fans and operational
  • Better access for Media attending the game
  • Simplified administration and management
  • Robust and reliable connectivity to eliminate bandwidth challenges

WiFi and location analytics

OK, so you know that whoever is visiting is a fan of your sport/team (…or the opposition). But what else do you know about them?

Delivering guest WiFi enables you to:
  • Collect visitor data, monitor movement and track footfall
  • Identify what type of people visit, where they go, how long they stay & what amenities they use
  • Use the information gathered and presented in an easy to understand way to help shape future business decisions

Provide your fans with new and enhanced experiences

They say that a fan is the most important position in professional sports, so why not make their experience as best as it can possibly be to reward them for their loyalty?

Fans expect reliable connectivity and a seamless mobile experience, as well as additional ‘bonus’ services (such as the opportunity to order food and drinks from their seats, or re-watch the game from different angles). In most sports and entertainment venues today, existing wireless and cellular technologies such as 3G and 4G are not sufficient for the reliable delivery of these services to such a highly concentrated group of users. This can mean tens of thousands of fans with limited ability to make phone calls, send text messages, share video and access social media as well as other mobile data applications.

Don’t limit your fans ability to connect and communicate!

With the right solution, you can increase levels of interactivity and personalisation to engage fans in the most compelling ways. Intrinsic can provide you with a solution specifically designed to meet the needs of high capacity, high density environments at a cost-effective price. It can be deployed in a matter of weeks – you can be up and running and reaping the benefits in no time. By making best use of the analytics and marketing tools, you can deliver an improved customer experience and ultimately increase your overall return on investment.

Of course, it’s not just stadiums who can benefit from high density wireless and its associated benefits.  Many other facilities including convention centres, arenas, train stations & airports can enhance visitor experience and increase revenue…Watch out for future blog posts covering these venues!

If you are interested in learning more about our high density WiFi solutions, contact us today for further information.