Capacity Management

Support users effectively, minimise unnecessary IT spend

What is Capacity Management?

Intrinsic’s Capacity Management service ensures that the capacity of IT services and the IT infrastructure is able to deliver the agreed service level targets in a cost effective and timely manner.

Capacity Management considers all resources required to deliver the service, and plans for short, medium and long term business requirements.

Who is this designed for?
This service is designed for customers who must avoid overspend, and need to be able to plan and grow their estate as required by their business. It minimises unnecessary IT spend whilst supporting users effectively.

What does the service actually offer?
Capacity Management offers a series of reports that allow you to understand what levels of usage your equipment is receiving. Understanding this can identify current bottlenecks, and allow for future planning of your estate to ensure your infrastructure matches the business strategy and growth whilst not impacting users who otherwise would experience poor systems performance.

What if you would like us to make changes based upon recommendations?
This could be hardware or configuration, or both. We would be happy to supply a quote for your consideration.


  • Gain a better insight on network and make better use of resources
  • Proactively identify bottlenecks and potential saturations
  • Understand what traffic and applications are demanding network resources
  • Manage the demand for network resources by rationalising their use
  • Use the data to create meaningful business cases for upgrades
  • Use detailed information to prioritise business essential applications
  • Forecast seasonal increases on resources

What other products or services might be of benefit?

You may also wish to consider using our People as a Service. This allows you to pre-pay (and benefit from a discount) for our Professional Services. These Professional Services could include installs, moves, adds, changes and deletions (IMACDs), and the installation of monitoring and availability. You should think about adding unsupported devices to a Support or Support Plus contract.

Additional or upgraded hardware is also available for purchase.

What are the dependencies?
A Monitoring service, this allows trending reports to be created