Configuration Management

Proactive fault management, reporting of lowered productivity

What is Configuration Management?

The Intrinsic Configuration Management service is delivered by our Service Operations Centre via our Configuration Management platform (powered by SolarWinds).

Configuration Management:
  • Provides alert notifications when changes are made to aid service management
  • Monitors the success and failure of backups, allowing for remediation if required
  • Reports on backup successes and failures through service management
  • Is secure and reliable

Who is this designed for?
The Configuration Management service would be of benefit to all of our customers.

What does the service actually offer?
Intrinsic will deploy our Monitoring solution (powered by SolarWinds), then engage with you with regards to what components and services are most important to you. We can then configure availability and performance threshold alerts, which terminate with Intrinsic (and with you) to provide proactive fault management and reporting of lowered productivity/availability of an infrastructure.

What if you would like Intrinsic to apply the patches for you?
You can simply request a quote for this work to be carried out by our Request Fulfilment team.


  • Enhanced system reliability through more rapid detection and correction of improper configurations that could negatively impact performance
  • The ability to define and enforce formal policies and procedures that govern asset identification, status monitoring, and auditing
  • Greater agility through more accurate analysis of the impact of potential changes to hardware, software, firmware, documentation, testing procedures, etc.
  • Enhanced reconciliation and management of complex system and infrastructures

What other services might be of benefit?

You may also wish to consider using our People as a Service. This allows you to pre-pay (and benefit from a discount) for our Professional Services.

These Professional Services could include the installation of monitoring and availability, fixes, relevant patches and core software upgrades. Support and Support Plus contracts.

What are the dependencies?

• A Monitoring service, to allow trending reports to be created
• Smart Collector (list of prerequisites available)