Cyber Security

Minimise your risk of cyber threats

With Intrinsic's Cyber Threat Assessment and Security Management

The network security threat landscape is evolving at a pace never seen before. Cyber criminals are continuously developing and deploying a portfolio of tools and techniques that gain access to organisational resources, wreaking havoc on the affected business if not detected and removed.

The threat is real… and costly
With over 1 million new malware variants created each day, ransomware damages valued at over $1B annually, and new zero-day attacks detected each week, external threats are coming non-stop and find ways to expand their footprint by leveraging the latest technology that delivers faster proliferation throughout the organisation via online devices, applications and services. And attacks don’t just result in stolen data.

Of those organizations falling victim to an attack, the following losses also resulted:

Experienced a
loss of revenue
Experienced a
loss of opportunity
Experienced a
loss of customers

Source: Cisco 2017 Annual Cyber Security Report

Secure Intelligent Networks

Since 1999, Intrinsic has been delivering secure, Intelligent networks and have developed an engagement model to help our customers through the complex landscape that is Cybersecurity.

The Comprehensive Approach

Using a 3 stage approach to provide a full end to end review, validation and management of your Cybersecurity requirements, we analyse your people, processes, and technology to identify sources of security risk.


All this culminates into a blend of ongoing Managed Services to help reduce the threat space to an absolute minimum.

The Intrinsic 3-Stage Approach to Mitigating Cyber Threats

Business Threat Gap Analysis
Our Security Consultants work alongside your staff to review your business processes, policies, and people to define how exposed to risk your current operations are and provide a gap analysis identifying all potential points of breach from both outside and within the network.

In-Depth Network Risk & Threat Analysis
We achieve real time, deep down visibility into traffic flows on your network, allowing us to develop a comprehensive report of security gaps, vulnerabilities, and potential threats. This data is aligned with the business gap analysis data to generate our recommendations to close the gaps identified.

Simplified, Ongoing Security Management
With gaps, risks, and vulnerabilities identified, we work with our Security Ecosystem partners to deliver managed services needed to maintain your required security posture. By bundling only the components that you require you can customise the engagement to address your potential points of breach and add additional services as needed.


Simple 3 stage approach

Business security review

Technology review

Gap analysis


Flexible suite of follow on services

Global Intelligence to deal with threats


Develop your security strategy quickly & effectively

Investigate both business and technology risk

24 x 7 x 365 monitoring

Mitigate new threats before they happen