Cyber Threat Assessment

Understand the levels of potentially malicious activity on your network

Cyber Threat Assessment

The modern hacker is no longer a joy rider but a fully-fledged white collar criminal running sophisticated activity from the comfort of their armchair.

With increasingly complex threats, from DDoS attacks, ransomware, botnets, malware and straight forward brute force attacks, it is a major challenge trying to defend your infrastructure against these continually evolving advanced threats. Many smaller organisations often hold the same highly sensitive information as large enterprises, but they often forgo threat intelligence because it is hard to deploy, difficult to use, and costly to obtain and implement.

As businesses of all sizes become increasingly connected, hackers see more opportunities to make a profit by targeting their supply chain organisations in order to exploit enterprise companies’ resources. Increasingly, hackers are focusing on SMBs because they have weaker security and are easier to infiltrate.

The Intrinsic Threat Assessment Service is a non-disruptive assessment based on industry-leading extensive network visibility and threat intelligence software. This service lets you see potential threats to your network not identified via your existing perimeter security solution via a detailed report, with recommendations on how to prevent the potential risks.


  • Improve your threat visibility
  • Reduce security complexity with an easy to understand step by step report
  • Map security expenditure to business risk
  • Demonstrate compliance and risk mitigation to your key stakeholders
  • Discover potential vulnerabilities and threats in your infrastructure today

Understand the levels of malicious activity on your network

The Cyber Threat Assessment Service reveals a variety of activities taking place on your network by:

  • Tracking customer domain names and IP addresses and observing suspicious activity or requests
  • Delivering a daily snapshot in time of your network, with the data and graphs necessary to identify potential threats
  • Giving you the ability to view threat awareness unique to your organisation at any time through the web portal
  • Presenting threat information and analysis in a straightforward way to make it accessible to technical and Non-technical audiences alike
  • Operating inside your network on a dedicated hardware or virtual machine platform

Next Steps

The Cyber Threat Assessment Service is a part of the Intrinsic Security Advisory Services. Our advisors can help your organisation develop a strong strategy around security, compliance and threat management.

To learn more about how the Cyber Threat Assessment Service can benefit your business, contact your Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager.

For more information contact a member of the Intrinsic team on
0333 121 3400 or email


  • 91% of Malware attacks use DNS
  • 68% of organisations don’t monitor recursive DNS
  • Cyber crime now estimated at $445 Billion industry
  • Average cost to 3 benchmarked UK companies is £4.1m
  • Companies deploying SIEM based systems reduce risk and enjoy £1.3m of savings compared to companies who have not adopted threat intelligence technologies