Flexible Support Options

Whatever works best for your business

What are Support and Support Plus?

Support is a standard hardware support contract where you are able to log faults with the Service Operation Centre for hardware issues. Any requests for software assistance would be handled under Request Fulfilment.

Support Plus is Support, but also includes software support to the manufacturer. This allows the generation of TAC cases, access to patches and bug fixes and also in-version upgrades. You can also log requests for access to the software. If you require assistance in applying the patches then this would be completed under Request Fulfilment.

Who is this designed for?
This service is designed for customers who need support for their estate for hardware or hardware and software support. This is our base offering and the foundation upon which we can expand further services from our options.

What does the service actually offer?
Support offers hardware support only. Support Plus offer software plus hardware support.


  • Extend lifecycle of current infrastructure
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Predictive costs
  • Impact responsive SLAs
  • Access to industry-certified experts
  • Fully vendor-backed support
  • Extensive test lab facilities
  • Portal-based service management

What if you would like Intrinsic to apply the patches for you?

You may also wish to consider using our People as a Service. This allows you to pre-pay (and benefit from a discount) for our Professional Services. These Professional Services could include installs, moves, adds, changes and deletions (IMACDs), and the installation of monitoring and availability. You might also wish to use our Request Fulfilment, Remote Monitoring & Asset Management services.