Deliver a superior, personalised experience to your guests


Keep Guests and Staff Connected With Integrated Communications Technology

Customer expectations have evolved considerably and you must deliver extraordinary experiences to keep them coming back for more.

Driven by hospitality business needs, not technology silos, Intrinsic can deliver world-leading networking, wireless, security, communications, and collaboration technologies to enable your users to collaborate more smoothly, quickly, and easily, at any time, from any location, and using their preferred device. This allows you to deliver sophisticated services that differentiate your brand and create a personalized experience for each guest. You can even Generate new revenue streams through next-generation technologies.

Positive experience is the number 1 criteria that travellers use to select hotels and entertainment experiences – far outweighing price and location. Positive guest experiences are also profitable. The right technology can help you profile guests at every interaction (for example hotels – during reservations, concierge, check-in, room service, etc.) and integrate that information with the property management system and CRM. The key to achieving higher guest satisfaction is personalised engagement.


Improve Satisfaction - enhance guest experiences in-room and throughout your hotel or venue

Increase Revenue - monetise access to Wi-Fi communications, virtual concierge hotel facilities, business video collaboration, and other new business and guest services

Connect Users - Increase staff productivity and guest accessibility using mobile video, voice, messaging, and chat

Streamline Operations - Ease burdened IT staff with one centrally-managed, virtualized communications infrastructure that is easy-to-install, deploy, manage, maintain, and use

Increase Reach - Access information, send and receive calls and messages from fixed and mobile devices anywhere on the premise

Always Connected - Communicate with friends, family, co-workers, customers, and partners at anytime

Lower Costs - Reduce personal cellular roaming and other call service charges for international guests with connectivity to the hotel communications network