Building the right solutions to better serve and listen to your customers


Better serve and listen to your customers

An ever-increasing demand for housing is putting pressure on Housing Associations.  Demand is not their only challenge – they also need to drive down costs, improve efficiencies, and give their tenants (customers) improved, and new services. Housing Associations must be able to listen to their customers, but listening today takes many forms, and hearing alone is no longer enough. People want to express their opinions over the phone, online, in text and on the web. They must allow their customers to choose how they communicate with them, and at the same time, accommodate growing workforce trends such as mobility. All of this while ensuring value for money across their portfolios.

Connecting customers, employees, community-based organisations and suppliers by combining technology with new processes can offer more effective services, improve standards of living, provide a safe environment whilst driving economic & social development.

Intrinsic can help Housing Associations select the right technology to drive down operating costs, and at the same time drive forward productivity and further improvements to customer satisfaction. We partner with leading vendors to deliver IT solutions that transform key functions such as the contact centre.

For many housing associations, their contact centre is the main point for call for thousands of properties. It represents the frontline for dealing with emergency callouts, repair requests, rent arrears and other queries from tenants. As housing providers continue to absorb financial pressures, achieving ‘channel shift’ – encouraging customers to switch their preferred contact method to one that is most cost-effective and efficient for both parties – remains one of the biggest priorities.

We’re experienced in delivering contact centre technology that both creates efficiencies (converged voice and data network, lower maintenance costs, maximised uptime) and improves the customer experience (multimedia channels, intelligent call routing, quality monitoring).

We don’t just consider the contact centre in isolation – we deliver fully integrated infrastructure solutions that are designed to meet the needs of housing associations now and in the future.