Managed Services

Keep your infrastructure running securely

Our Managed Services

Intrinsic offer a comprehensive suite of Managed Services to help you keep your infrastructure running securely and at maximum efficiency.

The services have been designed to deliver maximum impact and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Flexible Support Options

Whatever works best for your business

All options offer access to telephone support and the Intrinsic InTouch portal. Standard Support – Flexible around-the-clock hardware support. Support Plus - As Standard Support with the added benefit of software support.

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Asset Management

Better understand your estate

Avoid potential security issues and obsolete technology by using Smart Collector to continuously monitor and report on your installed base. Intrinsic experts will analyse the collected data and inform you of how best to manage your technology on a regular basis.

Request Fulfilment

For when you need an extra pair of hands

Ensure maximum uptime of your network devices by leveraging Intrinsic experts to make ad hoc network moves, adds and changes. All the work is fully documented and reviewed with you prior to taking place.

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People as a Service

Who's missing from your IT team?

A bolt on to your existing support contract which allows you to build in additional access to Intrinsic experts with work delivered to a defined Service Level Agreement. This service will help simplify your budgeting as well as saving you the expense of having to raise ad hoc requests to fulfill unforeseen work.

Service Delivery

Your representative within Intrinsic

An Intrinsic Service Delivery Manager will engage with you to ensure that all of your service needs are being met to the agreed service levels, ensuring that you can continue to focus on running your business. The Service Delivery Manager is your own personal advocate into Intrinsic ensuring that your voice is heard.

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Patch Management

Keeping you up to date, simply & easily

Ensure that your Cisco infrastructure is always up to date with the latest software releases. Intrinsic will advise you as and when you need to address any potential vulnerabilities in your network.

Network Monitoring

Maximise availability, minimise business disruption

Where you don’t have in house expertise to help manage network issues, Intrinsic can monitor and analyse your network for alerts and alarms. Intrinsic experts can then diagnose and refer these issues back into your organisation to allow you to rectify the now known issue providing expedited restore to service times.

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Configuration Management

Proactive fault management, reporting of lowered productivity

Intrinsic experts can monitor any changes made to your network to assist with service management. This helps improve system reliability and operation by rapid detection of sub optimal configuration by network administrators.

Availability Management

Get the highest possible ROI from your estate

Intrinsic experts can proactively monitor your devices and report on potential issues before they become downtime. The ability to monitor trends in the network provides key data that may mean network moves, adds or changes

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Capacity Management

Support users effectively, minimise unnecessary IT spend

Intrinsic experts can help get the maximum out of your infrastructure investment. Monitoring and analysis will allow you make informed decisions as to when you will need to provide additional capacity into your network so can help with capex budgeting.

Network Management

Full, end-to-end support for your estate

Let Intrinsic experts manage your network for you, allowing you to focus on your core business. Using state of the art tools and reports Intrinsic will ensure that your network is running at optimum efficiency at all times.

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