Network Auditing

A full network audit to assess performance, security and scalability

As business needs change and technology evolves, so does network infrastructure

In today’s climate of ever-increasing cyber threats from both outside and within the network perimeter, consistent and regular network auditing should be a standard, business-as-usual process.

Only by benchmarking can you get a full understanding as to how your network is dimensioned, deployed and configured at any moment in time. Undocumented configuration changes or an unpatched network device or appliance could mean the difference between having your data compromised or remaining secure.

As well as the security aspect, network auditing is key to help you make informed choices prior to setting any planned spending.

Intrinsic have spent many years building out best practices using state-of-the art tools and processes to ensure that you can focus on your core business whilst we provide you the support you need to ensure that your networks remain consistently up to date with secure configurations.

This is crucially important for organisations that have regular audits such as ISO, PCI and PSN as well as enabling you to get a full understanding of your estate.