Network Devices Assessment

Strengthen your organisation's network device security

Network Devices Assessment

Changing business models - Cloud, mobile, social, and the Internet of Everything - introduce new security challenges.

The threat landscape becomes more dynamic as adversaries become more sophisticated. Sometimes, breaches aren’t discovered for days, months, or even years, putting customer privacy, valuable assets, and company reputations at risk.

Given these new threats, all network devices - core routing and switching, wired and wireless - must be secure, and need periodic reassessments. As new devices are added to the network, they must be integrated into your security system. In addition, you must remain current regarding new vulnerabilities and new security features.

The Intrinsic Network Device Security Assessment Service helps protect your network against old, new & emerging threats by working with you to identify gaps in the safeguards around critical devices on your network infrastructure. The assessments are performed by industry-accredited consultants who have extensive security experience, as well as access to databases of known vulnerabilities and threats. Their expertise is supported by best-in-class tools and methodologies and a wealth of knowledge from leading vendors. Together these resources help you harden and protect your existing network infrastructure and make the most of the sophisticated security features built into your products.


  • Improve overall security in your infrastructure
  • Improve risk management and satisfaction of compliance requirements
  • Fewer threats to the integrity and availability of business processes and information
  • Proactive and immediate identification of device vulnerabilities that pose a security risk
  • Benchmark your device configurations against best practice
  • Tackle known issues based on business risk

Harden Your Existing Infrastructure

Intrinsic Network Device Security Assessment Services can streamline and integrate the components of your network security, with both immediate and ongoing support. Whatever security provisions you’ve already put in place, we can help identify vulnerabilities and take immediate action to mitigate these risks.

When you use the Intrinsic Network Device Security Assessment, our engineers will begin with a detailed review of your wired and wireless network and firewall devices. Their rules-based assessment includes device configurations and access policies. They compare the collected information to leading security practices and interpret the findings, using extensive expertise and hands-on experience. After identifying gaps in device configurations and policies, our experts recommend prioritised mitigations that you can act on. The service covers a broad variety of platforms, including routers and switches, firewalls and VPN devices, intrusion detection devices, and others.

Next Steps

The Network Device Security Assessment is a part of the Intrinsic Security Advisory Services. Our advisors can help your organisation improve your security posture and develop an ongoing strategy to manage the very real threats that exist today

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