Network Management

Full, end-to-end support for your estate 24 x 7 x 365

What is Network Management?

Network Management is a service we offer to customers who require their estate’s network to be fully supported by Intrinsic, end-to- end. This includes full patch, availability, continuity and capacity management.

Who is this designed for?
Customers who do not have sufficient skills within their organisation to govern and manage their network, or those who are wishing to train staff to the level of supporting their infrastructure and would gain from having a senior body manage in the interim.

What does the service actually offer?
Intrinsic will deploy a Smart Collector to your estate. This will poll devices on a set basis (eg monthly, quarterly etc) and generate a report. We can then advise you as to the vulnerabilities within your estate and, where a Cisco support contract in place for that device, offer the software.

What if the customer wants us to apply the patches?
We can supply a quote to complete the work accordingly.

What are the dependencies?

  • An Asset Management service, to allow the software reports to be created
  • You will be required to supply a Virtual Server
  • SNMP and SSH strings
  • Details of the IP ranges within your estate where devices may reside.
  • Remote connectivity for the installation of the software and the collection of the data
  • A Monitoring service to allow trending reports to be created
  • Smart Collector - list of prerequisites available

What other services may be of benefit?

You may also wish to consider using our People as a Service. This allows you to pre-pay (and benefit from a discount) for our Professional Services. These Professional Services could include the installation of vulnerability fixes, security patches and core software upgrades and the installation of monitoring and availability fixes, relevant patches and core software upgrades.

You should think about adding unsupported devices to a Support or Support Plus contract.