Request Fulfilment

For when you need an extra pair of hands

What is Request Fulfilment?

Request Fulfilment is the completion of requests that fall outside of the remit of Support/Support Plus. This can be an installation, a move, an addition, a change or a deletion. This applies to both hardware and software.

Who is this designed for?
Customers who have a need for a piece of work to be completed, for example adding additional licences, adding or removing users, configuration of devices, support with DR testing. When a customer needs an expert pair of hands, then they can utilise this service to request our support.

What does the service actually offer?
Request Fulfilment gives you access to Intrinsic’s pool of experts to complete the work required. Our Service Operations Centre IPCC team will ensure that the work is fully documented and reviewed. This will be presented to you for verification
and authorisation. SOC engineers will then complete the work as required. We may also utilise our partner network for the completion of these requests.

What if you want to complete the work yourselves, but then report a fault?
This would not be covered under Support/Support Plus and would be completed under the Request Fulfilment service and process. Support/Support Plus is a service restoration service, where the fault is unforeseen.


  • Reduce the need for multiple purchase orders - therefore reducing the cost on the business
  • IMACD’s delivered to a Service Level Agreement
  • Access to industry accredited experts
  • Keep your in-house IT team more productive

What other services might you need outside of Fulfilment?

You may require other Intrinsic Professional Services for the fulfilment of your requests. We have a broad service offering in our catalogue and cover all of the technologies we support. We may also utilise our partner network for the completion of these requests.

What are the dependencies?

  • Usually a Support/Support Plus contract though one-off work can be done
  • Remote connectivity to your network
  • Admin details for the devices
  • Confirmation that you have an adequate backup (where monitoring without configuration backup has been chosen)