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Offer omnichannel experiences to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Channel boundaries continue to dissolve as retailers seek to blend elements of web, mobile and in-store shopping for a connected experience. This means a growing trend of bringing immersive digital experiences into the store environment, such as virtual dressing rooms that enable shoppers to see how they look in outfits without physically trying them on.

By developing the omni-channel experience, innovative retailers leverage collaboration, communication and channel development technology to engage and retain customers through a seamless integration of their in-store AND digital experience.

Retailers that lead in the industry use IT solutions to:

  • Offer a more exciting shopping experience
  • Increase dwell times
  • Expand basket sizes in both online and physical stores
  • Maximise customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Boost return rates

Intrinsic provide solutions to help retailers enhance communication experiences for customers and workers alike, whilst reducing costs and increasing productivity.