Service Delivery

Your representative within Intrinsic

What is Service Delivery?

A Service Delivery Manager represents all provided services and is responsible for all service, support and service delivery actions taken to ensure they meet your business and IT requirements.

An Intrinsic Service Delivery Manager is so much more than just someone who delivers service reports. The SDM is the co-ordinator of the service provided to you, ensuring that the wider intrinsic team, such as technical consultants and professional services are aligned and available to assist you when required.

The Intrinsic SDM will not only report on the service provided, but work closely with you to support your strategic aims and goals, bring in support from Intrinsic where required to assist you, and provide a continual service improvement programme to ensure the service provided remains relevant. The purpose of a continual service improvement programme is to ensure that whilst the service is right for you today, Intrinsic and your organisation are prepared for what the future will bring, and development actions are aligned to your strategic goals.

Having an Intrinsic SDM ensures there is a contact who is familiar with your requirements and understands your business, therefore enabling us to deliver the best possible service.

Who is this designed for?

This service is designed for customers who want to have a partner who understands their requirements, IT strategy and operational goals. Customers who require a service delivery manager will have a greater understanding of the service required from a supplier and the need for governance.

What does the service actually offer?

Understanding the service provided by Intrinsic is a key component of a Service Delivery Manager’s role. They will ensure that the service you receive is delivered according to agreed levels. As each customer is as individual as the next, and service options may differ, there is a defined reporting pack that is aligned to each service option we offer.

Each Service Delivery Manager will provide regular service review meetings, aligned to your requirements. The meetings with you can be face-to-face or remote, and together we will analyse how effectively the service is performing. Here, the Service Delivery Manager will focus on identifying key service trends and where changes could be made to further maximise your IT infrastructure and end-user satisfaction.

Each of our Service Delivery Managers maintain a Continual Service Improvement Plan that relates to your specific support requirements, and which can be used to drive innovation that aligns to your evolving business needs.

As a part of Service Transition, the Service Delivery Manager will arrange a ‘Footprints’ day. A Footprints day is a powerful tool to ensure that we fully appreciate and understand your requirements and goals. The Intrinsic Service Delivery Manager is a customer champion within Intrinsic. By spending a day on site with you, seeing how you work, the challenges you face, the limitations of your current support model and the potential benefits that Intrinsic can offer, we will build a strategic relationship with Intrinsic positioned and aligned directly with your needs.

What other products or services might be of benefit?

The Service Delivery Manager will be able to assist you in identifying any gaps in service provision exist, and discuss other options from our service catalogue, for example Asset Management.

What are the dependencies?

You must have a Support or Support Plus contract.